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The First Octopus

Finally a painting with a fun story behind it. Sort of.

So amongst the family drama it definitely left some residual damage on individual relationships. The two that struggled the most in my opinion were my brother and my mom (my reasoning behind this is because they are actually the most similar).

We had recently watched that Netflix documentary “My Octopus Teacher” it was SUCH a cool movie and really showed how incredibly brilliant, special and beautiful octopus were. About a month later my brother brought up the idea of getting a sleeve tattoo but he wanted to get an ocean animal that represented each member of the family (keep in mind my mom is also NOT a fan of tattoos by any means whatsoever).

Naturally I was very curious as to what animal he wanted to permanently tattoo onto his body to represent me (I was half expecting some ugly blob fish joke) but he said he would choose a dolphin for me because of how friendly and loving dolphins are, and how they are very community orientated, and how he instantly feels comfortable in the ocean when he sees a dolphin (which was honestly such a sweet compliment that I was not expecting and I still think about to this day). After that, he told me what he wanted to represent mom, despite the tension he still could remove the emotion and realize that mom is the glue that holds our family together. He said she would be the octopus because of her heart and inteligence. It was just a really cool moment and Im glad I was able to be there and see how honored my mom felt by that small comment, and ultimately that was the inspiration for this painting.

It was my way of capturing a small moment where my mom felt seen, known and loved by her son.

I later gifted the surfboard to Michael for his birthday and I am currently painting an octopus on my largest canvas for my parents new place!

To wrap up the tattoo idea, we couldn’t figure out what ocean animal dad would represent. I recommended a jellyfish because they were super cool and chill but on the flip side they also don’t have brains so that probably wouldn’t be the most honoring option. Lastly I asked what animal he would choose for himself and with 0.01 reaction time he said “A shark of course” to which I mockingly quipped “oH oF COuRsE” but it does make the most sense considering I created his logo and it is the outline of a shark 😆…

(I still personally see him as more of a blob fish but that would be a weird outline for a logo)

Well, thats all for now!

Kales Adventure Art <3

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